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Among all the joints present in your body the hip joint plays very important role. It is the highest load bearing area when you sit, actually this ball and socket joint supports the torso. The joints are very essential in almost all movements of your body. Slightest variation in this joint creates pain and hip joint pain can be felt within as well as surrounding hip area.

Most of the people say the pain results from the aging. In reality, apart from aging there are many other reasons why you get the hip pain, some of them are:

  • In most of the cases due to sudden fall or impact load on the hip joint creates pain
  • Among the people who have osteoporosis complaint are more susceptible to the fracture or dislocation of hip joints
  • Arthritis is another reason for the hip joint pain, the pain is also felt in thighs and groin area
  • Bursitis may cause the hip pain while you are getting up from the chair or even walking
  • Due to excessive muscular strain and sprain
  • Tendonitis is also one of the main reasons for hip pain
  • Weakening of the nervous system
  • Lower back pain also causes hip joint pain

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The hip pain has become the most common among all aged people. According to some of the reports it is shown that people are who are involved in the sports activities and heavy weight lifting jobs are prone to the hip joints at any time. Doctors say even the hip pain can start during the childhood if the patient is attacked by the perthes disease.

In order to come out of the existing pain there are many treatment methodologies available in the market. You need to understand each of them in order to get the effective benefits. Hip being the most critical area you need to be very careful while selecting the treatment. Some of the most common hip joint pain treatments involve usage of heat pads and ice packs.

According to some researches it has been found that usage of heat pads and ice packs can relieve you from the pain by reducing the inflammation. In most of the cases the patients are strictly advised to take complete rest. By doing this major part of the hip joint pain will be subsided. Even in case of the acute pain this method helps a lot.

Most of the people always ask as how to detect the hip joint pain? Well, by simply observing the symptoms like extreme discomfort in sitting and other movements, the prolonged pain in hip, thighs and groin or any pain in the back felt in the hip, you can conclude that this is the case of hip pain.

Some of the most common and effective treatment methods are:

  • Taking the prescribed analgesic and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Many herbal medicines are there for the effective treatment
  • Massage from the experts can also relieve you from the pain.

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