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Types Of Knee Joint Pain

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Knee joint pain is quite unbearable at times and may be caused due to several reasons. Knee is one such part of the body, which is more prone to injury. We involve our knee for all major physical activities such as walking, running, sitting down, standing up, and so on.

It is one of the most weight-bearing joints in the human body. You can bend, straighten, rotate and twist your knee as per your convenience. However overuse of knee makes it susceptible to knee injuries that might also lead to knee pain in the near future.

Normally, knee joint pain can be short term that is either acute, or immediate, or long term such as chronic knee pain that usually continues for years. Inflammation, arthritis, injuries, or infection can be the reason behind chronic knee pain.

Knee joint pain Caused by Acute Injuries

Acute injuries such as ligaments or tendons tear may badly affect your knee joint. It can also cause due to injury in meniscus, bones and cartilage. Your knee is also prone to acute knee injuries due to accidental fall or joint twisting. If you are involved in sports that demands fast turning, abrupt stopping, jumping such as basketball, baseball, tennis, etc then the chances of acute knee joint pain is more.

Knee Fracture is considered to be an acute knee injury that affects the bones that connects the knee joint. A knee joint fracture is a serious issue and demands surgical intervention for repair along with cast or other forms of support.

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In case of a ligament tear, then it is treated by immobilizing the affected area using ice packs, together with elevation and rest. If the injuries are severe, then doctors recommend open surgery or arthroscopic surgery to lessen the knee pain.

Knee joint pain Caused by Overload or severe Injuries

Knee pain is also caused due to severe knee injuries like injuries to the bursitis, tendonitis, and any form of muscle strain. Initially, the pain is quite sporadic and mild, but it worsens with time.

Stress in tendons and muscles results in tiny tears, which further leads to inflammation. These tears takes little bit of time to heal so, you need to be conscious before performing any activity that may lead to the similar kind of problem. If you have suffered severe knee injuries it needs to be treated promptly to avoid the knee pain to be more chronic.

Knee Joint Pain Caused due to Arthritis

There are different forms of Arthritis. The knee joint pain may be caused due to osteoarthritis, which is non-inflammatory form of Arthritis. In this condition the cartilage of the knee collapses over a period of time. The other form of arthritis includes psoriatic arthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. There are specific treatments for the same depending on the individual requirements.

Thus, if you are suffering from knee pain, visit a specialized doctor to get the complete remedy for your illness. Knee pain is a curable disease. Therefore follow your doctors’ instruction carefully and your pain will be cured in no time.

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