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Prevent A Hip Joint Pain, It May Lead To Additional Problems

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The hip joint is considered to be the location of the centre of gravity of a human body. Any pain at this part of the body will become extremely painful and will lead to further complications. Hence a Hip Joint Pain has to be treated carefully well before it’s late. The after effects of a hip pain may lead to several other pains in the legs or above the hip as the hip joint connects the legs to the upper body.

Causes of hip joint pain

There are many different causes of a pain in the hip joint.

Trauma or a physical hurt is one of the reasons that may lead to a hip pain. This can be caused by a fall or an accident, etc. People who are mainly into sports are most likely to end up with a hip pain. As a famous quote goes “Prevention is better than cure” hence people have to be extremely careful while playing any sport. Also care has to be taken of old people who can have an easy hip dislocation because of deficiency of calcium and loss of physical balance caused at old ages.

A Hip Fracture is a Traumatic hip joint pain. Falls ware the most common reason for a joint pain. An operation is needed to get rid of the fracture before this finding the exact location of the fracture is very important depending on which the operation is performed.

Contusions, strains and sprains caused by traumas will lead to extreme hip pain. Inflammation of the hip and neighboring areas will increase the hip pain. The cartilage in the hip joint is responsible for the movement of the bones in the joint with less friction. The overuse injury is caused because of inflammation of the parts of the hip due to undue stress. This may produce a stress on the hip joint because of which the cartilage starts wearing away slowly leading to 1


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Few other causes of hip pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, bursitis, tendonitis and


Symptoms and tests for a hip joint pain

Some symptoms of hip pain are as follows:

  • Not being able to bend your hip.
  • Unbearable Pain in the hip.
  • Pain in the hip that is consistent for a few days.
  • Getting hip pain during resting and sleeping time.
  • Fever, swelling, redness, and warmth.
  • Not being able to walk properly.
  • Injury leading to deformation of the joint area.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms you need the help of medical assistance as soon as possible.

The patients suffering from the above symptoms have to undergo some tests to make sure about the hip pain and its location. Some tests like Hip X-ray, C-reactive protein, blood culture, complete blood count with differential, rheumatoid pane, ultra sound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography of the hip. Also a bone scan is a good alternative to test a hip joint pain.

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