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Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Joint Pains

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Everyone must have heard about joint pains. It is commonly found amongst people in their old age. The severity of joint pains may also vary depending on the cause of joint pain. These joint pains can be quite painful but with the right treatment the pain caused can be reduced.

As the name suggests a joint is the junction of two or more bones. The most pronounced joints are present at the knee, hip and shoulder regions. Swelling or injury to the joints leads to joint pains. Ageing is also one of the reasons for joint pains.

The most common causes of joint pains are injury at the joints, infections at the joints and the occurrence of some degenerative diseases.

It is usually seen that people involved in sports are more prone to joint pains. A sport requires lot of physical work and injuries are part and parcel of sports. Thus these joint pains might occur due to severe injury near the joints. It might either be because of severe bruising or because of dislocation of the joint itself.

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The other cause of joint pains can also be the occurrence of infections near the joint region. Depending on the cause of infection these infections are termed as gonococcal joint infections, nongonococcal infection and artificial infection. These infections can be cured with the use of certain antibiotics.

When one talks about joint pain, one also talks about arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation or swelling and stiffness of the joint. Once the joints and swollen one finds it difficult to move their joints, thus reducing the flexibility of the joints. One can undergo certain physical treatments which involve physical exercise to ease the pain in the joints and allow movement. There are also certain medications which intend to do the same.

The joint pains are also some of the symptoms of diseases like Osteoarthritis (a type of arthritis), Psoriases, bursitis and tendonitis. These diseases either cause an inflammation of a certain part near the joint or it causes redness and irritation of the tendons near the joints. This ultimately causes joint pains. To cure this one has to go through treatments like the use of pain killers, rehabilitation and rest. Sometimes one has to undergo a surgery to remove the damaged joint and in turn replace it with a new joint.

Ageing is also one of the most common cause amongst the causes of joint pains. Our joints work in the exact same way like the joints of a machine. Over time the joints do tend to wear out. One has to consult a doctor in this case. The doctor would suggest an exercise routine which when followed in the right manner would help reduce the pain to a large extent.

Thus with the advancement in science the above mentioned causes of joint pains are not incurable anymore. There are many treatments available today which are sure to relive one off the joint pain.

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