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A Guide To Various Knee Joint Pain Remedies

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The structure of human body is a combination of bones, joints, nerves, cells, tissues, veins and many more organs that help us to move freely from one place to another. If any of these organs does not work properly due to some disease or injury, the normal function of our whole body will be affected.

A joint is a part of the body where two bones touch each other. It helps to move the body parts attached by the bones. Joint pain is mostly a constant pain and may be localized to the affected joint. There are many medical treatments available as knee joint pain remedies that include either surgery or physiotherapy.

There is no need to suffer from knee joint pain anymore as medical science has introduced many knee joint pain remedies that can alleviate your pain and make you more active and energetic. To protect your knees from more damage, it is better to cure the problem on time.

The reason for your knee joint pain can be injuries like automobile accidents, falls, ailments such as arthritis or athletic injuries. High-impact exercise, running, jogging, climbing or inadequately conditioned leg muscles are the other major reasons for knee problems.

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Physiotherapy is one of the easiest knee joint pain remedies. The other option is Yoga, which is of immense help to those people suffering from Arthritis. Easy movements and asanas will enhance the movement in the limbs and joints. This leisurely controlled movement improves the blood circulation in the joints, which in turn removes the waste products and unwanted toxins.

To minimize the pain of knee joint, here we are presenting some exercises that can help you a lot and anyone can do them in the comfort of their home. Some of the simple knee joint pain remedies are as follows:

Hamstring stretch: This stretch can be easily done while lying down on our backs. Once you lie down comfortably, you can support the thigh muscle of one of your legs with your hand, and then you can slowly lift your legs upward, and hold it vertical for anywhere between 15 to 20 seconds. You will need to control the movements and avoid any kind of bounce. You can then repeat the same stretching exercise on your other leg, and then go for repetitions for 3 or 5 times.

Quadriceps stretch: In order to do this stretch exercise, take a little support of a chair with your right hand and try to pull your left heel from backside towards your left hip by pointing your knee upside down to the floor, until a feeling of stretch becomes focussed on the lateral thigh. Remain in this posture for somewhere close to 30 seconds as long as you are comfortable. Repeat the same exercise with right leg. If you are not able to touch or reach out to your ankle, you could tie a towel around your foot, and pull your leg up. You can do this exercise by lying on your belly on the floor or on a bed.

Calf stretch: Stand at a distance of couple of feet away from a wall, and extend your right foot upwards to take its support, but your knees can be bent slightly. Make sure that your left leg is steady and straight with the toes pointing at the wall. Extend both your hands towards the wall to support your weight and lean forward. You will feel a nice stretch on the calf muscles of your left leg. Hold this stretched position for 15 to 30 seconds. You can then repeat this same exercise with your other leg.

By following these simple knee joint pain remedies one can get relief from the discomfort and soreness.

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