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Muscle And Joint Pain Causes And Remedies

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Joints and muscles are the main parts of the body that keeps us healthy, if they are working in a very good manner. It is discovered that our body contains a total of 206 bones. The bone and cartilage that are present in the legs are the strongest ones, since they bear whole body weight on them. Muscles, which are found surrounding these bones, act as a cushiony cover, in order to protect them from the external attacks.

Muscle and joint pain is usually seen in the people who have crossed their 60 years of age. The muscle cells that are present in different parts of the body start to shrink in their size and they lose their capacity to produce the required immune system for these joints. The most affected part of the body is the joints. Two different bone structures are connected to each other with the help of muscle fibers and when these muscles start to shrink, they usually end up in heavy pain in that part.

Muscle and joint pain is also caused because of a disease known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Patients who are suffering from this disease experience the pain from their initial course of illness. The pain is due to the inflammation of muscles and joints and this pain may even resemble the pain that occurs during viral flu.

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The joint and muscle pain differs among the patients who are suffering from the pain. Many times, the pain may even resemble to that of an arthritis, wherein the joints gets swollen from pain and also becomes tender. Many patients do not suffer with such swellings, but become weak and fragile due to intense inflammation in the muscular regions.

Many times, the muscle and joint pain crosses SLE and during extreme cases, the patient may experience intense pain, even though he is not doing any work and is at rest. Physicians usually advise such patients to maintain a balanced schedule of both rest and exercise, in their daily schedule. The patients are also advised to be extremely careful while doing any stressful work, since it may affect their already-affected joint areas.

We all know that there are several joint regions in our body, but many parts such as shoulders, hips and knees are the only three areas that are more prone to muscle and joint pain. Sometimes, people who are not suffering from any flu or bone and muscle related problems, also suffer from joint pains. This is because of their excess body weight.

Most of the time, muscle and joint pain can be as a result of wear and tear of muscle fibers, due to some unexpected incidents such as accidents, falling from long distance, sudden muscle sprains and so on. Such causes may also become severe, if not treated at the proper time. Before falling into a blind conclusion about the joint or muscle pains, it is better to always consult the doctor.

The pain that is experienced in joints and muscles can be cured, when it is detected in the initial stages. Surgeries and joint replacement may also offer permanent cure.

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