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Various Joint Pain Causes

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Joint pain causes can be deduced from several different types of injuries. Joint pains are very bothersome, even though they are caused from a small injury.

Joint pain is a result of the pain and stiffness in the joint regions. Some of the usually considered causes are,

Rheumatoid Arthritis: is autoimmune disorder that is well known to stiffen the muscle fibers, at the joint regions. The muscle stiffness makes its very rigid and thus the flexibility of these fibers is lost. The patients of rheumatoid arthritis disease find it very difficult to move their joints and if they forcibly try to move their body parts, then they experience intense pain in such regions.

Osteoarthritis: is one among the joint pain causes that is associated with the degeneration of cartilaginous cells and also with the growth of spurs in the bone ligaments. This disease is commonly seen in people belonging to the age group of 45 and above.

Bursitis: is the condition of inflammation in the bursae sacs. Bursae sacs are the fluid-filled sacs, which are found padded between bony prominences. These sacs are helpful for easy movement of tendons and muscle fibers, which are located near bones.

Chondromalacia patellae: is a condition wherein the cartilaginous tissue softens and breaks down. The majorly affected tissues from this disease are those, which are located on the underside of patella (kneecap). This disorder is also known as anterior knee pain.

Gout: is one among the rarely found joint pain causes and is known as the disorder of the blood cells. This disorder is usually caused by the over accumulation of uric acid in the blood capillaries and results in severe joints inflammation. It is of two types,

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  • Chronic gout, which is usually associated with the continuous inflammation of more than one joint.
  • Acute gout, which is usually associated with the pain and inflammation of only one joint.

Some of the infectious disease also serves as the joint pain causes. Some of them are Hepatitis, Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Varicella, Influenza, Epstein-Bar viral syndrome, Lyme disease, Parvovirus and so on.

Some of the fatal and minor injuries also serve as the main causes for joint pains in the people belonging to several age groups. Such injuries may include tendinitis, septic arthritis, and fracture of the bone, osteomyelitis and some of the overuse exertion and strains and sprains on the joints.

The extended causes for the joint pains is because of reasons such as, Traumatic injuries, Infections, Muscle dislocations, autoimmune disorders, chronic degenerative conditions, Malignancy, Contusions, joint separation, repetitive motion, ligament sprains, sports injuries, overuse injuries, torn ligament and cartilage, and so on.

Some of the Major Joint Pain Causes

All of the above mentioned causes may not be fatal ones and can be completely cured with the proper treatment procedures. However, there are some causes of joint pain, which can be fatal, if not treated before. Such causes include hemophilia, Paget’s disease (abnormal bone turnover and bone formation), bone cancer and hyperthyroidism.

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