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The Causes And Cure For Knee Joint Pain

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The knee is responsible for supporting our body by bearing the force and pressure exerted by all the different parts as we carry out our daily activities like standing, running, and walking. The joint is surrounded by various kinds of ligaments, and also has padded cartilages to bear the weight while a person is standing.

This makes it one of the most important parts of the human structure and any problem of these joints lead to a lot pain and problems and must be immediately considered for a medical checkup. Knee Joint Pain can prove to be a serious issue if neglected over time and may even lead to making a person home bound without the freedom of mobility.

Recognize the Symptoms

Pain in the joints may occur due to several reasons depending upon the activities performed by us or even by an accident or injury. Knee Joint Pain more commonly occurs in older people as the joints and cushioned cartilages become weak. It becomes difficult for the knee to bear the pressure and weight of the body which makes it tender and sore.

Some symptoms to recognize any ache in the knee so that immediate actions can be taken are popping sounds at the knee joint which results in a lot of pain, the knee caps having a feel of grinding and crunching, locking in the joints which prevents the knee from bending and strengthening, the knee swelling along with redness and inflammation, having extreme pain along with running a temperature, the pain starting early in the morning each day and then slowly subsiding later, and pain in the knee while climbing stairs or any object.

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Causes of Knee Joint Pain

Pain in the joints may occur to several reasons like injury, strenuous exercise, aging, or certain activities that exert a lot of pressure on the knee like sports. Aged people are often seen to suffer from pain in the knee joints caused by arthritis. This disease leads to the degeneration of the cushioned cartilage which supports the knee from any damage due sudden pressure or force. Other common diseases that often effect people are Gout and Rheumatoid.

Some young women also complain of knee pain, known as Chondromalacia, which results due to softening of the bone as sufficient nutrient and vitamins are not taken. Several women even face Knee Joint Pain after their menopause as their estrogen level drops quite low. Other causes of pain are Bursitis occurring inside the knee, pulling of the ligaments at the knee causing excessive soreness, and even certain infections that occur at the joints.

Medication and Treatment of Knee Joint Pain

Pain in the knee if not treated in time may lead to great problems like a person completely losing the power to move about in the form of walking and running. Immediate actions must be taken to get rid of this pain as soon as possible.

Some helpful tips for treatment of joint pain are regular exercises like cycling and swimming. Such exercises can help to treat arthritis during the early stage. Hot water bags and ice packs can be used to relieve the pain. You may even try massaging the knee regularly with herbal oils. Proper rest should be taken while suffering from pain in the joints.

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