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Homemade And Natural Treatment For Joint Pains

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We humans are intelligent, smart and strong when compared to any other living being on this planet. However, what weakens our strength is the pain. We cannot withstand any kind of pain. It may be the head ache, stomach ache, joint pain or just a muscle catch… we can’t bare it.

Joint pain is often seen among all the age group people. Let’s learn more about the treatment for joint pain and figure out how we can get rid of the joint pain to a certain extent.

What is Joint pain?

Usually arthritic (joint pain) is very painful. The joint will be inflamed, stiff, tender and warm. Every Joint in our body plays an important role in managing the structure of our body and furthermore by tolerating our entire body weight, no matter whether we are sitting, standing or relaxing. Joints are the merger or uniting junction of bone heads. Therefore joints suffer the shred process. Arthritis not only affects the bone heads in the joint, but it also attacks the neighboring tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles, prospecting in painful joints and making impossible to walk, run or stand.

What are the causes of joint pain?

As we have heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”, it is recommended that prior to gaining the knowledge on the subject - treatment for joint pain, we need to know the causes for the joint pain.

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Few causes for arthritis are hyper active immune system, degeneration of cartilages, regular intake of wrong diet, dehydration, natural aging of joints, lack of proteins, vitamins and minerals, faulty joint alignment, bone fracture or joint injury, obesity, joint infection, heredity, diabetes, menopause in women etc.

What are the remedies for joint pain?

Squat subsisting Joint pains can be healed easily. However, the persistent ones which are associated with the arthritis require constant medication and also time. Known treatment for joint pain are physical therapy, medications, joint replacement and joint fluid supplements.

Homemade treatment for joint pain on a regular basis can be of assistance in reducing the arthritis issue. Few homemade treatments are listed below -

  • Coconut oil and camphorated mustard oil massaging are well known as pain relievers.
  • Massaging with warm paraffin, castor oil, olive oil and hot vinegar are also recommended.
  • Prickly ash tea improvises the blood circulation, which in return eases arthritis pain.
  • Epsom salt is familiar for lessening joint pains when added in bath water.
  • Gentle stretching of stiff joints throughout the day maintains arthritis and keeps the pain at bay.
  • Intake of banana and hot milk with turmeric powder can aid in providing lubrication and strengthen the joints.
  • Another relief provider is by rubbing hot vinegar on throbbing joints before going to bed.
  • Application of a blend of eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate, menthol and camphor is very effectual in reducing pains.

Yoga and exercises reinforce the joints and the bones, thus endowing the treatment for joint pain and if followed regularly, it will help in the prevention of this condition in future.

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