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Know More About The Joint Pain Causes

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A machine cannot be built without the use of various gears and the downfall of gears is due to lack of maintenance and also with time these gears wear out. Our human body also works with the same principle and the gear here is replaced by the joints. As old age begins to set in, the joints get weaker. Some of the major joint pain causes are given below.

Joints are junction of two bones. It is because of these joints that one can move their body parts in different directions. These joints are supported with a cushion of cartilage. The stiffening of joints or wearing of cartilage leads to joint pain.

According to the severity, joint pain can be of two types, which are acute or chronic. As the name suggests acute joint pain is experienced for a small duration and it can be cured with medical treatments. The chronic joint pain on the other hand does not usually respond to medical treatments. One might also have to go for surgeries to relieve themselves of the pain.

Joint pain causes can generally be categorized as pain due to infection or injury in the joints. Under these categories there are again several causes, which lead to joint pains. Some of them are listed below.

People who are in sports usually have joint pain due to injuries. A dislocation of bones leads to joint pain. Sprain in the joints and injury to the ligament attached to the joints are the other reasons for the pain.

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Infection in the joints is also one of the major reasons for the joint pain. Though the basic reason is inflammation of the joints, the factor which initiates that inflammation is infection. Various infections, which can cause swelling in the joints, are osteomyelitis, infectious arthritis and rubella.

There are also many diseases caused by viruses or insects. These diseases again lead to swelling in the joints. Some of these diseases are lyme disease and influenza.

Apart from the above mentioned diseases there are many other ailments where the joint pain is the symptom of that disease. For example, psoriasis is a skin disease that would cause irritation to the skin, but people would also experience joint pain and it is one of the symptoms of this disease. Similarly tendonitis and fibromyalgia also have joint pain as their symptoms.

All the above mentioned joint pain causes have specific treatments. These treatments vary according to the severity of pain. Some joint pains require surgical treatment and the others can be cured with the intake of certain supplements. One can use hot wraps around the joint to get instant relief from minor pain.

One should not take any of these joint pain causes for granted because if appropriate treatment is not taken at the right time, then there is the possibility of an acute pain turning into chronic joint pain.

Although, relief from pain is the main objective, recognizing the right cause and treating it accordingly is also of prime importance.

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