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Joint Pain During Pregnancy - Causes & Treatment

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Joint pain is the most common complication experienced by more than 50% of the women during pregnancy. A very common reason of joint pain during pregnancy is the symphysis pubic dysfunction, a short form of which is SPD. This condition arises when the ligaments of the symphysis pubic region soften and relax due to preparation for the child birth during pregnancy.

The pelvis has been made with the combination of three joints, the pubic symphysis, and two left and right sacroiliac joints that makes it the biggest part of the human body. These joints help in giving massive ligament support to the pelvis during the period of pregnancy.

Joint pain during pregnancy is the complaint of more than 50% women who experience the pain in pubic area, pelvis, knee, along with the pain in hips.

Reason Of The Pain During Pregnancy

The biggest reason of joint pain during pregnancy is the changes in the body structure of pregnant women due to hormonal alteration and weight gain along with relaxation process of the joints, tendons and muscles that take place during pregnancy in order to growth of the foetus and birth of the child.

The posture of a pregnant women get changed because of the growth of the foetus that lead to some discomfort in body that can cause joint pain during pregnancy.

The joint pain during pregnancy can take place in the first trimester of it and the symptoms can be noticed during simple movements of the legs, standing or walking. The pain can be an apprehension of some serious condition in severe cases that results in swollen pubic bony region extending down to the groin, hip, inner thigh, lower abdomen and buttock areas.

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Pain in the joint during pregnancy can be avoided just with little care:

A pregnant woman should consume adequate amount of calcium and magnesium in her diet. She should drink an adequate amount of milk and should include the Vitamin and iron-riched fruits in her daily meals

  • Consume plenty of green vegetables and fluids.
  • A pregnant woman should not continuously sit or stand for long time.
  • Wearing good and comfortable supportive shoes can help giving the relaxation to the joints during pregnancy.

Treatment for the pain during pregnancy can be done by using ice or heat. Take a warm shower bath.

Very common symptoms during the pregnancy are as below mentioned:

  • Inflammation or swelling in the hip joint along with pain.
  • Difficulty in sitting or standing
  • Pain in pelvis areas extending down to the inner thighs.
  • Back pain during pregnancy is very common and the reason of this can be the malfunction of the sacroiliac joint. This condition subsides after the delivery of the baby.

The sacroiliac joint helps the pelvis to loosen the strong ligaments to allow normal alternating movement while walking during pregnancy. At the advance stage of pregnancy, it increase the elasticity of the ligaments that is necessary for the birth canal to dilate to allow the baby to pass through it.

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