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Many problems accompany aging like body pain, weak eyesight, joints pain and many others. When a person becomes aged, his weak bones do not allow him or her to work more and any kind of physical activity causes severe pain in bones and joints. Knees and elbows are the major affected areas at an old age.

What Causes A Joint Pain?

In order to get rid of your joint pain, it is necessary first find out the actual reason behind it. Synovial fluid, a sticky substance presents in your joints is responsible for the flexibility and its movement smoothly. Only when the fluid diminishes from the joints, it results in severe pain. Obesity, improper blood circulation, old age and injuries can be the cause of the joint pain.

The pain is not permanent. Great improvement can be easily seen if a proper joint pain treatment with the expert's guidance is provided to the patient.

Indian Ayurveda Joint Pain Relief Treatment

Ayurvedic joint pain treatment is generally considered as the best treatment. The massage with medicated oils proves to be effective. The oils penetrate deep into the skin giving strength to the bones. Ayurvedic herbal massage oils are effective for backaches, sprains, joint pain, arthritis and other problems.

Some of the massage oils recommended by the experts are brahmi oil, sandalwood oil, kuzhampu, saharcharadi thailam and many others. These oils directly attack the pain causing chemicals and provide great relief. Moreover, it is a natural therapy and no recommendation from the doctor is required in few cases.

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Sandhi sudha, an ayurvedic product is specially made from medicinal plants extracts found in the Himalayas. It has shown great results to those who are suffering from joint pain.

It has been applied by many people for years now to get rid of this joint pain. The procedure for application is very simple. 1-2 drops are taken on finger tips and is applied gently in a circular motion on the joints. Great relief from the pain is felt after the application of this oil.

Narayana thailam is one of the best oils for the joint pain treatment. Quick results are seen when applied on the joint having severe pain. It is usually cheap and easily available. Mahanarayan oil can also be selected for this purpose, but it cannot be used directly. Equal proportion of sesame oil is mixed with it to bring out positive results.

Some of the internal medicines are also very useful for fighting the joint pain. Haritaki, castor oil, triphala provides strength to your bones.

Diet For The Joint Pain Treatment

One of the most common causes of joint pain is arthritis related disorders. One can get permanent relief from such disorders if a perfect balanced diet containing vegetables is maintained. A big no to the fatty foods, diary products, excess salt, and sugar, and this will prove to be helpful. Intake of dry fruits like raisins and fruits like orange, lemon and amla can be beneficial in joint pain treatment.

Above are the various joint ache relief treatments to fight it. Live a happy life ahead and fight all the obstacles of your life gracefully.

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