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Establish The Reason Before Treatment For Joint Pain

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There can be number of reasons due to which knee joint pain may occur. Knee joint is formed due to 2 large leg bones joining at the knee. If the exact location of pain is diagnosed then the treatment for joint pain can be planned properly. Like many different parts of the body, the knee can also get hurt either due to injuries, disorder or infections. Generally older people complain more about knee pain as compared to some other part of the body pain.

Two bones of the leg femur & tibia forms the knee joint and they are supported with the help of 4 ligaments& patella, which is more commonly called knee cap. The complete joint is masked by synovium and that is filled with fluid known as synovial that provides the necessary nourishment to all the cartilages & maintains the elasticity. This synovial liquid inside the synovium maintains the cartilages slippery and smooth to make sure pain free and friction free movement of your knee. Walking is possible as the knee joint connects to thigh & shin bones and that helps the proper movement. You can easily bend the joint up to maximum 135 degrees & can extend up to zero degree. Since this joint is weight bearing joint & therefore its design is very complex and the chances of getting injured is maximum.

In case of any injury it can cause pain in the joint of knee. Also any kind of traumatic event can also damage a ligament that is attached with knee joint. In order to provide treatment for joint pain doctors need to diagnose the exact area where pain is occurring in order to find the ligament that got damaged.

Jumper’s knee is caused due to swelling of tendons. Sometime due to quick and sharp movement also there can be mild or severe pain in knee joint. Prior to treatment for joint pain, Doctors need to establish the exact reason. Patient’s input regarding the pain is also very important in order to pin point the precise location of the pain. Sometime swelling may also occur at the knee joint which can also help to find the location of pain. Most of these pains occur because of old age of the patient or too much use of knee joint for participating in sports or athletes.

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The common cause of the knee pain is due to Rheumatic arthritis or Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis may cause total immobility of the patient's joint and there can be severe pain together with inflammation. However Rheumatic arthritis can cause redness, inflammation, pain and there can also be infection in synovial fluid. Arthritis can also promote creation of cyst at the joint and also need to be looked into along with treatment for joint pain.

While providing treatment for joint pain because of arthritis or due to any kind of other infection the treatment will be much different as compared to knee pain caused due to any injury. The pain because of injury is usually treated with following common methods:

  • Cold and hot compresses
  • Warm oil massage
  • Cream or ointment massage
  • Light exercise like yoga or cycling.

Surgery is the last resort if there is total immobility of the patient due to knee joint pain.

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