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How To Find An Effectual Joint Pain Reliever

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Joint pain could be caused due to old age, arthritis, injury or some immune disorder which could cause rheumatoid arthritis. In few cases, joint pain could also be induced by gout that causes temporary but terrible pain in single joint. Irrespective of the cause, several types of medications and supplements could be found over-the-counter that could help as Joint pain reliever.

Symptoms Of Joint Pain

Joint pain could be aggravated by pressure, motion, or resistance to weight-bearing with activity. The joint pain could be associated with a local warmth, tenderness and swelling.

When to Seek the Medical Care

If a pain is experienced in the joint which persists even after one week, then, it must be evaluated by the health-care practitioner. Furthermore, severe pain in joints should be medically assessed as early as possible.

Treatment of Joint Pain

The joint pain treatment is directed towards precise underlying cause. Often, the initial treatment includes cold applications, rest and anti-inflammatory medications if the problem happens to be an injury. Additional Joint pain reliever medications might or might not be required. Slow and steady rehabilitation physical therapy could be required.

If any form of arthritis is causing the pain in joints, anti-inflammatory medications could be suggested, followed by other arthritis medications. If there is any disease of the ligament, bone, or cartilage, then, surgical operation could be required.

Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs

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The most usual medicines prescribed for the joint pains are analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory anti-steroidal drugs are the best treatment course for joint pain. These drugs provide pain relief by lessening inflammation in joints where there is pain. However, these drugs could produce side effects since anti-inflammatory drugs contain steroids which are not good for prolonged use. Hence, look for such a Joint pain reliever which has both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties but has no side effects.

Due to the eminent rise in research as well as inventions for alternatives, novel arthritis treatments have come about. They are the dietary supplements that are made from the natural ingredients having the same effectiveness, but without any side effects. Besides this, few of them do not only relieve pain and inflammation but could also bring back lubrication.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine

The nutritional supplements chondroitin and glucosamine are used as Joint pain reliever for slowing and preventing degeneration of cartilage which contributes to joint pains for the people with otheoarthritis. The Glucosamine is believed to help in the formation as well as repair of cartilage thus helping in preventing it from break down which causes more severe pain in joints. Chondroitin makes the cartilage more flexible thereby reducing swelling and joints inflammation.

Herbs and Other Alternative Therapies

Several non-traditional Joint pain reliever treatments are used to lessen the inflammation and pain in the joints. In a Danish study done in 1992, majority of persons who took the ginger root for about three weeks reported noticeable reduction in the arthritis pain and swelling.

Ask experts or your physician about these. You could also do some of your own research regarding them through the internet.

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