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Preventing The Shoulder Joint Pain

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Shoulder Joint Pain is very common these days. They are very often caused by an injury or due to over use of shoulder joint. Shoulder is the ball and socket type joint which is held together by the muscles, ligaments and tendons. If you have frequent shoulder pain, few things are there that you could do to prevent it. The best treatment however, could be rest, ice, heat, exercise and medication.

How to prevent shoulder problems

  • Maintain a good posture always. Keep the head up and the shoulders slightly back so as to prevent the shoulder joint pain. Allowing the shoulders to slouch forward could lead to an increased pain in shoulder joints.
  • Prevent the shoulder pain while working on the computer by positioning the keyboard and mouse correctly so that the arms are relaxed. Also, you should have slightly open angle near your elbow and the wrists must be straight.
  • Take a quick break every half an hour, in order to rest your shoulders and neck if you are working all day on a computer. Cross your arms placing them on the desk. Rest the forehead upon your arms allowing the shoulders to relax.
  • Stretch and warm up your muscles before doing physical exercise. Stretch the shoulders while standing or sitting. Place your right hand above your left shoulder. Using your left hand, pull the right elbow towards the left shoulder across your chest. Hold it in that position for ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat the same for other side too.
  • Stop performing any activity which is causing shoulder joint pain. Rest a while or find any other way to do that activity which doesn’t cause the pain.

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Warnings and Tips

  • When you experience a shoulder pain, it is always best to refrain yourself from any type of physical activity for a while. This could prevent any further shoulder injury. Apply cold or ice packs immediately if you experience shoulder joint pain, to lessen pain and swelling. Apply again the ice pack for two to three times per day for about twenty minutes time.
  • Make use of heat to ease the pain in the shoulder after about 2 to 3 days if the swelling vanishes. Reapply the heat 2 or 3 times in a day for about 20 minutes each time. You could alternate the ice and heat treatment for a continuous relief from pain.
  • If you experience chest pain or a trouble in breathing along with the shoulder pain, immediately visit the hospital.


Anti-inflammatory medications could be used to decrease the shoulder joint pain and inflammation. These medications are the Cox- 2 inhibitors that control the Cox-2 enzyme as well as (chemicals) prostaglandin production, which is the natural inflammatory response of the body to joint injuries or irritation. For more severe type of symptoms, the doctor could prescribe oral steroids.


Massage is one of the best ways of stimulating blood flow in the shoulder joints, bringing the nutrients and oxygen with it that are needed for healing. Massaging also reduces the scar tissue in joints, muscles and tendons.

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