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Knee Joint Pain - Arthroscopy Can Be The Solution

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Human body is the combination of bones, joints, nerves, cells, tissues, vessels and many more organs that help us to move freely from here to there. If anyone of these organs does not work properly due to some disease or injury, then our whole lifestyle will be impacted due to this.

The most functional parts of our body are our knee joints that help us moving from one place to another. We use them to walk, kneel, run or even sit. Unfortunately, it is one of the most susceptible parts of our body to get affected due to the aging process. Knee joint pain is very common condition in aged people especially in aged women.

Knee joint pain may be the result of gradual deterioration of overusing of the knee joint, sudden twist of the leg, some injury, or due to aging process. The most common knee joint problems are meniscus tears, ligament tears, patella problems, osteoarthritis, popliteal cyst, and tendonitis.

Let us discuss some of the above mentioned problems that may cause knee joint pain

Meniscus tears are the condition which may create a knee joint pain. This condition can take place due to an accident and sudden twist of the leg that may result in meniscus cartilage tearing that again resulted in pain, swelling and stiffness of the knee.

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Ligament tears are also a condition that again can happen due to twisting of the leg which may result in locking of the knee.

A traumatic tracking of kneecap can take place when the patella gets displaced due a hard blow or a twist. It is quite painful until the kneecap is placed back in its position.

Osteoarthritis is a painful condition of the bones and joints of knees. This problem is very common in aged and obese females. The most common type of arthritis takes place due to the break down of cartilage in the middle of the knee joints.

Cartilage is a substance that is fabricated with protein. Helps in protecting our joint bones to rub together as it works like a cushion in between the bones, lose of which can cause knee joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Popliteal cyst is another condition that take place when the outline membrane of the knee joint get inflamed, resulted in difficulty in bending the knee due to formation of a bulging cyst behind the knee because of excessive production of fluid by the joint.

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure which performs to examine the interior condition of the joint by inserting an arthroscope into it after giving a general, spinal or local anesthesia. The joint will become wider with sterile fluid. During the procedure of arthroscopy, the surgeon scrutinizes the joint carefully and treats it either with debridement, cartilage replacement, lavage or abrasion. Debridement of loose bodies of the cartilage has been proven to alleviate the joint pain up to 74% of the patients within 14 months of treatment.

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