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Joint Pain Treatments - Offering Hope To Millions Living With Pain

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Joint pains and its accompanying side effects are some of the most common ailments affecting millions of people across the globe today. From aging related degeneration of muscle and bone mass, hereditary and lifestyle factors, to a byproduct of other illnesses or injuries - joint pains affect all human beings at least once in their life. Having said this, joint pain treatments offer invaluable relief to the victims and help them lead a more normal and active life

Understanding the ailment

Causes for joint pain can be many and prior to taking up any sort of treatment, it is vital to have the correct diagnosis in place. Joint pains can arise from injuries, dislocations, fractures and sprains. These can cause the joints to inflame and turn red. Early identification of the illness can help to cure many ailments.

Treatment options available

Arthritis forms a major portion of all joint pains. It could be hereditary or lifestyle related or just plain aging. While it has no permanent cure, it can be treated for pain management and increasing joint mobility. Anti inflammatory medicines and pain killers are commonly used as joint pain treatments.

For wrist pain, injections which contain steroids are recommended while in the case of Lupus, corticosteroids would also have to be taken along with anti inflammation drugs.

There are a couple of natural dietary supplements like glucosamine and chondritin which are highly recommended for those suffering from osteoarthritis. These help in cartilage rebuilding and reduction of synovial fluid, thereby improving mobility and helping in joint pain treatment.

Another good addition to the diet would be Omega3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Present in fish oil, these are known to boost the immune system and help in cellular reconstruction. This in turn will help to reduce joint pain.

There are over the counter medicines available for alleviating joint pain. Acetaminophen or the common paracetamol is used to treat moderate joint pain. Be careful not to take more than the recommended dosage as it can lead to organ damage. Tramadol is another analgesic which can provide relief from pain.

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Obesity causes joint pain due to the stress and strain on the knee and hip joints and muscles. With regular exercise, yoga or meditation and a healthy diet , one can lose the excess weight and gain freedom from joint pain.

In some people joint pain may have reached crippling levels seriously affecting their ability to lead a full and enriched life. For such folks, joint replacement therapy is recommended. This can aid them in regaining mobility.

For menopausal women, the presence of estrogen causes aching joints. For them too, joint pain treatment is in the form of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Check with your Doctor

Whatever are the treatment options available, the symptoms and causes of joint pain should be discussed in depth with an expert medical practitioner before deciding on which pain relieving methodology to select.

Several joint pain causes require sustained monitoring of the treatment and dosage, especially those which involve corticosteroids and replacement therapies. Finally, the key to successful joint pain treatment is not to give in to the pain. Handle it with fortitude and will power and you would have won half the battle in gaining freedom from pain.

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