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Understanding Different Knee Joint Pain And Their Cure

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Knee joint pain is caused at the intersection of two prominent big bones of the human leg. The joint pain may originate due to several reasons. You must take help from medical professionals to diagnose the correct spot of the pain as it will help in proper treatment and quick relief.

There can be countless reasons for occurring knee joint pain, like sudden injury, infection, accident, disorder and etc. Even with aging some faces acuteness of joint pain. This joint is a combination of two important bones, namely femur and tibia. These bones are maintained by four ligaments along with a patella which is called knee cap. This area is covered a fluid called synovial solution. This fluid helps the cartilages in adequate movement.

Various reasons for joint pain

The most common reason is leg injury, which causes knee pain. A sudden accident often damages one of the four ligaments leading to swelling and acute pain in the area. Sometimes even a quick movement leads to meniscus injury. This injury causes severe pain and in acute cases even locks the affected area.

Another very common reason for knee problem is old age. With age the ball and socket joint of the knee area stops functioning properly due to lack of synovial fluid. This leads to acute old age problems, specially related to joint pain. Even over weight leads to joint pain.

Arthritis causes pain in joints. The two most common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatic arthritis. In the first case the arthritis damages the cartilage and it gets exposed to the bones which lead to acute pain and inflammation in the area.

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But in the Rheumatic arthritis the immunity system attacks the normal tissues and damages them. This damage of the tissues causes inflammation, sometimes acute pain and contamination in the fluid of the knee area. In some major cases the fluid is gathered in the crystal form and causes acute pain while knee movement.

Some treatment measures of knee joint pain

In arthritis, doctor’s often recommend exercises like cycling or swimming to the patient. At early stage of arthritis these exercises have proved helpful. But in extreme cases often knee replacing surgical treatment is prescribed.

One of the most common domestic remedy of treating joint pain, is applying hot or cold compress to relieve from acute pain and swelling. Oil massages also help in severe condition. This gives quick relief from acuteness of pain.

Regularly massage the area with medicated herbal oils, like aloe vera or eucalyptus oil to get quick result from acuteness of pain and relieve from inflammation.

Apart from the doctor’s prescription, try out some natural tips at domestic level to get instant relief from pain, like drink meadow sweet flower tea and also stick to low calorie diet. Reduce your body weight as it helps in reducing the joint pain. Take rest if and when possible so that the knee is relaxed after a long day.

So you know all about treating knee joint pain hence treat properly and take medical assistance in severe situation.

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