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Causes, Symptoms And Remedies Of Shoulder Joint Pain

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Shoulder joint pain is quite common these days and it has been noticed that a number of people neglect it, but appropriate cure and quick action can prevent it becoming worst. People, who overuse their shoulder joint, are generally the nominees for joint pains for example weight trainers, swimmers and others. The pain in your shoulder joint can appear suddenly and if we ignored, it can slowly get worse eventually.

Causes and Symptoms of Shoulder Joint Pain:

Tearing of the rotator cuff is the common reason for pain in your shoulder. Rotator cuff is an anatomical structure made of four muscles tendons that control motion of your shoulder. Rotator cuff tendons trapped below the bony region in the shoulder can also trigger pain. Pain in your shoulder can also be the result of tumor, infection, arthritis nerve condition, or even a heart attack.

Any damaged or inflamed tendons are termed as rotator cuff tendinitis. Shoulder joint pain can also be originated due Arthritis, wherein bone spurs in the shoulder area bursitis, an inflammation of a bursa (fluid-filled sac), which generally protects the joint and helps it moves smoothly, broken shoulder bone, frozen shoulder, overuse or injury of tendons, dislocation of your shoulder.

The main symptoms of shoulder joint pain totally depend on the underlying disease, condition or disorder. Fatigue, achiness, arm or back neck pain, bruising, clacking and other sounds when you move your arm are a few common symptoms. The others are fever, popping or grinding feeling, weakness and muscle stiffness, terrible pain while moving your arm, swelling and burning or warmth also indicate shoulder pain.

Nowadays, gym exercises are also one of the most common causes of shoulder pain. It is very important to learn the exercises and do it in a correct way. You should take expert’s advice before doing any exercise.

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Remedies and prevention:

Major shoulder injuries can be detected by carrying out tests like, x-rays, Arthrogram, MRI, CT, EMG, ultrasound or arthroscopy.

Before you start you treatment for shoulder pain, you could find out the actual causes and symptoms of your pain. If you are not sure of the state in which your shoulder pain is, then it is recommended that you take proper medical help and get treated by a professional

If you are sure about the reason of the pain, then you have various treatment options like bed rest, heat pads and ice packs, anti inflammation mediation, physical therapy, exercise, home treatment options, herbal treatment options, pharmaceutical options, surgical options.

We can prevent the pain by strengthening the rotator cuff, avoiding repetitive overhead activities, a proper warm up before indulging in any sports, maintaining proper posture of shoulder, by practicing regular and safe exercise techniques in order to reduce your shoulder pain. Regular expert advice and selected exercise like Wide Grip Lateral Pull-down, The Side Fly, and others also help in preventing shoulder injuries.

It is believed that prevention is better than cure and thus, it is suggested that you take utmost care to avoid any shoulder joint pain.

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