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Hip Joint Pain: Its Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Hip joint pain can be very painful and irritating. There are many factors responsible for this medical condition. Now a day, it is no longer a problem associated with aging as youngsters are also suffering from it. Bursitis, muscle strain, nerve irritation, tendonitis, osteonecrosis in hips and arthritis are some of the common causes associated with hip pain.


  • Extreme discomfort in standing, sitting or other movements.
  • Pain in hips or even in groin and thighs.
  • Any back pain extending towards the hips.


Arthritis-Hip is formed by pelvic bones and end of femur bone. Both the bones are covered with a protective cartilage layer. Often, this cartilage layer gets lost due to wear and tear, injury and inflammation which results in arthritis. Pain in hip joints is one of the common problems associated with arthritis.

Muscles Strain-Three major muscle are mainly responsible for wide range of hip movements. Muscle strain occurs whenever; there is overuse of these three muscles or irritation in them.

Bursitis-The large muscle covering the hip joint is mainly lubricated by 5 large bursa sacs. The main function of the lubricating fluids produced by bursa sacs is to reduce friction and pressure around the joint. Sometimes, due to excessive pressure, injury or overuse irritation occurs in these bursa sacs which results in Bursitis.

Nerve irritation-The lower leg function is controlled by some major nerves crossing the hips .Irritation of the major nerves results in pain down the leg or in the hip. Frequent injury to sciatic nerve may even lead to Sciatica.

Dos and Don’ts for People Suffering From Pain in Hip Joints:


  • One must slightly lean backwards while sitting.
  • While standing body weight should be equally distributed on both the legs.
  • Weight lifting or carrying should be done as closely as possible to the body.
  • Body weight must be controlled.


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  • Running and jumping should be avoided.
  • Activities involving wide spreading of legs must be avoided.
  • Contact sports such as football, rugby, wrestling and other sports such as tennis, racquetball, and basketball should be avoided.
  • Direct pressure on the hip and repeated hip bending should be avoided or limited.
  • Sleeping on the stomach or back is suggested to avoid putting pressure or force on the affected side.
  • Stair climbing, bicycling, step aerobics etc. should be limited.
  • Prolonged sitting should be avoided.

Treatment And Remedies:

People suffering from hip joint pain needn’t worry as these days many options are available to get relief from it. Some of the remedial measures for it are as follows-

  • People suffering from hip pains may take drugs such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Advil or Motrin to get relief.
  • In case of acute arthritis or osteonecrosis hip replacement surgery can be the best option.
  • Herbal extracts of Bowselia Serrata or Cat’s claw are also helpful in reducing pain in hip joints.
  • Rumatone capsules along with Rumatone Gold Herbal oil message can prove beneficial in dealing with hip pains.

In Addition to the above mentioned, various muscle toning and stretching exercise can also prove effective in controlling hip joint pain.

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