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Joint Pain Remedies For The Sufferers

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Pain in the joint regions has become a usual problem with the people who have completed their 60 years of age. Most of the times, the pain also occur in some persons, who work in stressful and straining jobs such as lifting heavy weights in the construction sites, continuous cycling, swimming, etc.

Here are some of joint pain remedies that can be followed in homes.

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  • Having bath in warm water benefits more for the joints.
  • Drinking papaya seed tea for about six to seven times a day, followed for 3 to 4 weeks, highly helps with reliving pain in the joint regions.
  • Eating garlic cloves that are fried in butter helps in decreasing pain in the joint regions.
  • Drinking warm water by adding half teaspoon of turmeric powder, thrice a day helps in curing arthritis (the major cause of pain in the joint regions).
  • Yogic asana, Gomukhasana, is the most beneficial asana for the pain in the joint regions.
  • Chapatti prepared from the flour, which is mixed with roasted gram and clarified butter proves to be the best medicine for pain in the joint region.
  • Banana fruit is known to contain several nutrients that are helpful in restoring the lost and worn out cells and serves as the best joint pain remedies.
  • Carrots are known as the ligament builders and serves as the best remedy.
  • Drinking excess water also serve as the best home remedy for pain in the joint regions.
  • Following regular exercises, daily, loosens the tightened muscle fibers resulting with strengthening them.
  • Mixing carrot juice and lemon juice in equal proportions and consuming them daily morning strengthens the muscles in joints.
  • For faster joint pain remedies, you can massage the joint regions that are present all over your body with the mixture of several oils and camphor.
  • Following continuous cryotherapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy also helps in decreasing the pain in the joint regions.

Several natural joint pain remedies

Swimming: Swimming is an excellent natural medicine for the pain in the joint regions. However, hot water pools are more effective than the cold water ones. You can even add several oils for this warm water and this can be the best aromatherapy for your pain.

Walking, Running and Jogging: All these three types of exercises are the best natural means to relieve from pain. Following a strict daily schedule of all these three exercises serves as the best medicine for the muscle fibers that are surrounding the joints.

You can also opt for some of the herbal pills that serve as best medications for the pains in the joint region. For more information about these pills, you can browse into the concerned websites and can avail complete idea of working principle of these pills.

Characteristic features of these pills as the joint pain remedies,

  • Loosens the muscles at the joints that are stiffened due to arthritis.
  • Provides long term relief from the muscle inflammation.
  • Helps with the quick relieve from the pains and injuries which is caused during sports.
  • Improves the flexibility and mobility of the muscle fibers.
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