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Return To Fitness By Treating Knee Joint Pain

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Knee is considered as one of the most crucial organs of the body not just because it bears the weight but is essential for movement. However, knee joint pain is the most common problems that majority of people suffer. People often ignore this pain and avoid visiting doctor which is not right. There are several reasons of getting pain in the knee and it may therefore be important to know and understand the root cause of the pain.

What can cause a knee pain?

There may be various reasons and symptoms for knee pain. Right diagnosis and appropriate treatment can help to deal with the pain in the knee.

Knee Injury Sudden injury like twisting or jerk in the knee can cause lot of pain. It usually happens while playing sports that the knee gets strained and the joint is damaged. While playing any sport it is important to take precautions like wearing knee cap or giving proper support to the knee can help reduce the risk of knee damage.

Arthritis Considered as one of the major reasons for knee joint pain, arthritis is caused due to joint inflammation. This is a common problem that advances with age. There are lots of types of arthritis depending on the severity of the pain. Osteoarthritis is one of the common names that we get to hear. In this type of arthritis the cartilage dries out and restricts the movement of the knee. Mild pain after a long walk may be one of the early symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis is another type of arthritis that causes extreme pain in the knee. In this type of arthritis, the immunity system behaves abnormally. It sets out to destroy your own tissues by mistake. Eventually the knee gets damaged and may also become locked in extreme cases.

Overweight Needless to mention the reason of overweight as one of the main causes for knee joint pain. The entire weight of the body is managed by knee. Increase in weight will proportionately augment the stress on the knees. Initially it may start with mild pain while walking but later on the pain and the stress on the knees will increase unbearably. Try not to force the knees to carry extra weight and indulge more in exercises to stay fit.

There are certain metabolic problems like breaking of old tissues or destruction of healthy cartilage may cause knee pain. Repetitive work or play may also cause knee pain. A bit of rest and proper weight management can help to reduce the risk of knee pain.

The ligament connecting the tissues in the knee is also responsible for knee pain. There are several muscles that move together to support the movement of your knee. Wear and tear of these muscles causes lot of pain in the knees. Stress due to fractures, torn cartilage or brittle bones cause extreme pain in the knees.


There are various treatments to look upon the problem of knee joint pain. However, it depends on the severity, cause and mostly the symptoms. Some treatments are exclusively for treating knee pain while some focus on reducing the aggravation of the pain. There are treatments that stop the arthritis process altogether. Science has developed to the extent that the entire damaged knee joint can be replaced.

Nevertheless it is important to exercise, eat healthy and take good care of your knees.

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