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Get Rid Of Shoulder Joint Pain For A Healthy Living

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The most mobile part of a human body is the shoulders, as we use them a lot in our day-to-day activities. Due to this reason, many people suffer from shoulder joint pain, which is quite common these days.

Generally, orthopedist and other physicians suggest that you do not kill any joint pain with over-the-counter medicines and seek proper medical advice. In order to get rid of this problem, a proper medical diagnosis is extremely important since this is the only way to identify the exact problem.

Your doctor will be able to recommend better treatment after analyzing the magnitude of problem that has been inducing shoulder joint pain. The main cause that triggers the shoulder pain is rotators cuff. The muscles and sinews, which connect the shoulder and the arm, could be also responsible for unbearable pain.

It is a much bigger problem, if you have injured you shoulder. This kind of problem is usually called as a frozen or cold shoulder. There are myriad things that are related to this problem such as age, endocrine problem, trauma, and many more. People suffering from life threatening diseases such as diabetes may have more chances of suffering from shoulder joint pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs are the best treatment for this kind of problem. There are many other drugs, which contains cortisone hormone. The hormone is secreted in the suprarenal gland.

A few other reasons that lead to severe pain in your shoulder area are as mentioned below:

Over Exertion

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In simple terms, over exertion is using strength beyond your abilities. When we constantly use our shoulders without giving it proper rest, then we end up over exerting them. For example, use of shoulder for lifting weights, bowling or playing any kind of sports without proper stretching, then this problem could erupt anytime without a warning. Therefore, you should take care of your shoulders by giving them appropriate rest and exercise before you overuse them for sport or work.


If you have injured your shoulder blade or clavicle during an accident, then it is inevitable that you will be going through terrible pain. Orthopedic doctors can give you recovery treatment in such a condition. However, for minor injuries, you can merely take rest or you can take some kind of medical treatment to get it right.


Dislocation takes place when your arm moves away from its actual position at the shoulder. The movement could happen above or below the original position. In such a case, you will not be able to move your arm or shoulder. This may cause swelling or wound. Unluckily, if your shoulder has been dislocated once, it is more likely to happen again. However, some of the people simply pop them back into their right position, because they are habitual to such kind of issues.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder means that you will not be able to move it at all. Your shoulder could be frozen due to the irritated and inflamed tissues in this area. Shoulder joint pain is quite common these days, among the young and the old. This could be due to hectic work life or inactive daily routine. Thus, if you want to avoid being the victim of frozen shoulder, then try to be active and take proper care of your joints.

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