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The Major Causes Of Joint Pain

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Joints are the meeting position of the two different bones and cartilage tissues. This part is known to bear the complete load of our body weight. Joints can bear the weight only up to some extinct and if the weight is increased, then it results with the spraining of muscles. If the weight load is still increased, then the muscles starts tearing, even the person is in his sitting position.

Joint pains usually trouble almost all the activities of a person throughout his life. Joint pains are usually caused due to some major injuries from accidents, or any other such reasons. The other causes for the joint pains can be the life threatening diseases.

Symptoms of joint pain

The initial symptoms of the joint pains usually begin with soreness, discomfort, swelling, feeling warmth in the joints, severe aching, and occurrence of pain during the movement of the joints and so on. The major causes of joint pain are because of the tearing of the ligaments or sprains of the cartilage tissues.

The other causes of joint pain can be considered as the stiffness at the joint regions. This is caused due to immobility of the joint muscles from sitting for a long time, during travelling or in an inactive condition or any other similar situations. Sometimes, you can see the presence of rashes on the joints along with warmth in that place. This is also considered as another cause.

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Reasons of joint pain

Some of the extended causes of the pain are also because of wrong postures and wrong movements of the joints. Infections such as bacterial or viral, flu, common cold, dehydration, food poisoning, and many more such diseases can also be considered as the causes of joint pain. Obesity, fractures, jerky movements can also be a major reason of joint pains.

The common cause for the joint pain is also because of the degeneration of bones along with the growing age. This condition is known as osteoarthritis, which is a commonly occurring auto-immune disorder in the aged persons. The immunity system of such persons starts to attack the damaged tissues in the joints, which results with severe pain in joints.

Actual causes of joint pain

Fractures: This is a condition that includes the breaking of either bone or cartilage. This condition is also known as the result of the injury or an irregular sequencing of bone. The regular types of fractures include combined, wood green, comminuted and transverse.

Distortions: Distortion is considered as the other reason for the causes of joint pain. The main reason of joint pain is because of the tension and abuse of the ligaments, in the joints. This condition may also result with injuring the bands in the bones. The treatments for this condition are support braces, orthopedic surgery and cortisone distortions.

Tendonitis: This is caused due to the soreness of tendons that connects bones to its surrounding muscles. This condition is due to the result of injuries that are caused on the elbows or shoulders, during accidents.

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