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Alternative Joint Pain Treatments

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Arthritis of some kind actually gives severe pain to joints and they become chronic too. The inflammation of this enfeebling ailment can contribute to constant pain occurring in several joints. Arthritis normally is linked to aging, but sometimes it may be the outcome of an infection or a trauma due to an injury or accident. The most identified kinds of this malady are chronic joint illness which is medically termed as osteoarthritis, psoriatic inflammatory disease, and rheumatic arthritis. Even though these maladies can be generally treated with medication, several patients are looking for alternative joint pain treatments.

Alternative Joint Pain Treatments

Natural joint pain treatments for pain are extensively applied by patients who prefer an alternative instead of swallowing pills. A few of the most accepted natural interventions are herbal knead, magnets, rest methods, hot contracts, ice packs, or a local rub. Apart from the above you can also try your hands at warm baths, a good diet of fresh veggies and fruits, drinking plenty of water for your joint pain. Consuming fresh carrot juice every day is also helpful.

Food that you need to consume for your joint pain

If you are looking for natural joint pain treatments then a few of the most useful foods to get some relief from joint pain are:

  • Bananas,
  • Mix apple cider vinegar with honey and warm water,
  • Consumption of garlic cloves fried or sautéed in butter.
  • Consume fresh carrot juice mixed with same amount of lemon juice once in a day.
  • Intake of omega-3 fatty acids along with fish that is rich in oil will provide some relief to your joint pain.
  • Raise your consumption of legumes, strawberries, raspberries, cauliflower, whole grains, and citrus fruit.

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Apart from taking in food loaded with Vitamins C and D, your joint pain treatments must also have a routine of exercise. You can do cycling exercise, swimming, yoga, or even Pilates are helpful not only in decreasing pain but also increasing suppleness and strength. It is always advisable to get your physicians guidance in selecting a good exercise plan that will suit you.

Using natural oils

You can also mix camphor, olive or even eucalyptus oils with menthol so that you can produce a local rub for rubbing down stiff and very painful joints. You can even try rubbing a mixture of equal amount of camphor and sunflower oils; this will relieve you of your joint pain. Try using heat or ice alternatively to get relief from your painful or firm joints.

Shed off those extra pounds

Last but not the least, however at the same time the most significant of all alternative joint pain treatments is in your own hands. You will have to follow a diet plan which will help you to shed off a few pounds. The weight of the body is the main cause of several joint pains and hence to control the weight will be equivalent to treating the root cause of the pain.

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