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Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Knee Joint Pain

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The maximum support provider part of our body is the knee. No matter whether you are running, walking or standing the force and all the pressure exerted by our body is bore by the knee. Hence any disorder in the knee joint area contributing to knee joint pain can be very uncomfortable. If you do not care for the joint pain in your knees then the condition turns out to be very serious and you lose your mobility. You will be hence confined to your home and will be cut off from the happenings of the outside world. Do you want to get into such a situation? No, then read on to know about some very simple exercises which will relieve you of your knee pain.

Symptoms of Pain in the Knee Joint

The indications of the knee joint pain differs based on the reason, the timing during the day when it occurs or when you perform a specific action. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Popping noise and pain in the joint
  • Grinding and crunchy feeling
  • Twisting and strengthening of knee is precluded since joints get locked
  • Knees swell and become red
  • Knee pain with fever.
  • Pain in your knee due to stair climbing.

Causes of knee pain

Knee joint pain is the result of injury, aging or excess movement of the joints particularly in sports. Apart from this some of the other causes may be:

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  • Collapse of the cartilage supporting the knee ensues in arthritis leading to knee pain in aged people.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and Gout also causes pain in the knee.
  • Weakening of the cartilage leads to Chondromalacia in younger women resulting in knee pain.
  • Menopause in women causes knee pain.
  • Pain due to Bursitis occurring in the knee.
  • Hardening of ligaments or infection in the knee joints causes pain.
  • Treatment and medication for Knee joint pain
  • Swimming and cycling brings some relief to arthritis linked knee pain. But if the condition is grave then knee replacement surgery can be performed.
  • Knee pain can be relieved by applying ice packs and hot contracts.
  • Inflammation and pain can be reduced by massaging the knee with camphor and menthol, eucalyptus, Rumatone Gold, or even aloe Vera gel.
  • Intake of tea prepared from meadow sweet flowers and marigold relieves knee pains.
  • Control the weight of your body.
  • Give enough rest to your knees.

Apart from the above you can also try the following ten minute knee joint workouts which are founded on the Chinese acupuncturist's hypothesis of energy flow in the body. Clench your fists and press gently on the following areas of your knee:

  • The external part of the knees for 2 minutes.
  • The inside of the knees for 2 minutes
  • Concave part of the knee caps for 2 minutes
  • On the patella for 2 minutes
  • Kneel down and walk on your knees for 2 minutes

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