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Joint Pain Home Remedies- 15 Natural Ways For Joint Pain Relief

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Joint pain is a very common phenomenon in this modern life. There are homeopathic as well as ayurvedic treatment for joint pain. Our ancestors also use to get rid off the joint in ancient days. They used home remedies to cure joint pain. In India, home remedies are still famous in relieving joint pain or getting rid of many ailments. These home remedies are not prescribed by any doctors. These joint pain home remedies are less costly and do not have side effects on our body. Some patients instead going to the doctor cure their joint pain at home.

Many of the joint pain home remedies are introduced very recently. Ayurveda is the written form of home remedies for common ailments. There are lots of ways to cure the joint pain according to our ancestors. The common causes for joint pain are arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, strains and sprains. Instead of homeopathic treatment, we can cure ourselves at home.

Some of the Home remedies

  • Joint pain requires a lot of warmth to be cured. So a warm bath is one of the beneficial joint pain treatments.
  • Oil also has warmth content in it. So it is advised to have massage with warm oil may give instant relief to the joint.
  • Papaya seed tea also helps in blocking the pain signals produced by substance P. We can have it for joint pain relief
  • Fried garlic cloves in butter are also useful in curing the joint pain.
  • Take the mixture of turmeric powder in hot water at least once in a day to overcome joint pain problem. It is also beneficial in curing arthritis and bursitis, which are causes for joint pain.
  • By making porridge of a tablespoon winter cherry and ghee with molasses, we can have it for 15 days after getting up. It is a also a beneficial joint pain home remedy

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  • Take a spoonful of turmeric powder and mix it with warm milk. Drink it before you go to bed. You will realize the joint pain somewhat relieved.
  • Carrot juice is famous for skin treatment. It is also quite beneficial for joint pain treatment and also it strengthens our ligaments.
  • Apple cider vinegar is famous as joint pain home remedy which has shown positive results.
  • Hot vinegar is also a beneficial home remedy which cures the paining joints. It is advised to rub it on the paining joint before sleeping at night.
  • A table spoon of honey mixed with apple cider vinegar dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water also brings instant joint pain relief.
  • Mix two or three pills of camphor with eucalyptus oil and methyl salicylite and thoroughly rub the paining joint. This also very effective joint pain home remedy.
  • By drinking plenty of clean and pure we can naturally overcome joint pain problem
  • Gomukhasan( Gomukh means cow in Sanskrit) is also an effective yogic asana that counter the joint pain
  • By rubbing castor oil to the paining joint can cure the joint pain.
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