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Joint Pain Treatment- In Ayurveda And Homeopathy

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Due to the restless and modern livelihood and lack of nutritious fast food, rise in the pollution level, lack of attention towards proper exercise are the factors which has made joint pain a common ailment. You will be the luckiest one if you are not suffering from joint pain problems. Many people visit joint pain specialists and return with massage oil and medical prescriptions. High power medicines torn down our stomach and do not provide any aid to joint pain

Due to success achieved in Ayurveda, Homeopathy and physical therapy, joint pain treatment has become an easy ailment to be cured. There are several ways to get rid of joint pain, even though we are frustrated with it. The most vital is habitual exercise (sensible exercise not uncontrolled exercise).


In ancient times, there were no medicines. Yet the ancient people used to get cured from the ailment of joint pain. Joint pain treatment has accomplished new highs by modern forms of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs. In Sanskrit, a lot of importance is given to Ayurveda and its way of curing pain. It is sensible to take appropriate ayurveda drugs, if you are suffering from arthritis, taking care that it does not harm our digestive system. In ayurveda, panchakarma is used to get rid of pain in our joint

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Vata dosha (affected by windy humor) is the main cause behind joint pain. Application of Mahanarayana oil is suggested by Ayurveda which can minimize the pain and swelling around the affected area. Application of Nirgundi leaves with castor oil helps controlling joint pain.


Homeopathy is a recent way of relieving the patients from his injuries, ailments and deadly diseases. From a homeopathic viewpoint, not only it is essential to make precise analysis of the variety of arthritis for betterment of the patient but also the symptoms which are prove to be significant.

Homeopathic medicines prove to be crucial for cure of joint pains. Joint pain treatment has found a lot variety in homeopathic treatment. A doctor prescribes a tablets, painkillers and injections which began in homeopathic treatment. A patient who faces trouble with his joint pain feels more uncomfortable while waking up in the dawn with great stiffness, feels better with a hot bath, much better in a dry weather, but he feels worsen in cold and damp weather.

Rhododendron is perfect for the people that are “human barometers”. These kinds of people are very responsive when a storm approaches, and they will be sustain the weather and can protect their joint from any change of weather. Particularly, if the weather experiences a difference in weather from hot and dry to cold and damp. Their joint pains have a tendency to improve instantly on moving, and can better survive in warmth.

The people who like application of cold on painful joints, Ledum is ideal for joint pain treatment. It is excellent who live in chilly regions. Their joint pain frequently begins in the tiny joints of their feet, then moving upwards.

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