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Knee Joint Pain- Types Of Injuries

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Minor knee joint pain is faced by a majority of people. Many a times our body actions do not cause any trouble, but it is not astounding that symptoms build up from daily wear and tear and injury. Knee joint problems and injuries occur while doing physical or while any recreational activities, occupational tasks.

No joint is as large as the knee in our body. The upper part and the lower part of our knee are divided by two discs known as menisci. The upper bone of the leg is called femur and lower bone of the leg is tibia and fibula which is associated by tendons and ligaments. The exterior part of the bones within the knee is enclosed by articular cartilage, whose function is to absorb shock and to provide even, gliding surface for the movement of joint.

Knee problems have another cause, even though it is frequently caused to not only to one structure but to many knee structures. Many sports activities, getting aged, or having ailments for example osteoporosis or arthritis can add to the probability of having trouble with your knees. You cannot name a sportsman or an athlete who has never suffered from any injury.

Acute or Sudden Injuries

Usually the cause knee joint pain is injuries. Sudden or acute injuries are possibly caused by abnormal twisting, bending, or falling on our knee or a direct blow. Pain, bruising or inflammation may be brutal and develop within a short span of injury. During the injury, nerves or blood-carrying ducts might get damaged. Therefore, the knee or the lower division of the knee may feel deaden, week or cold or might even look pale.

Causes of Acute Injuries

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  • Ligament tears. The MCL (medial collateral ligament) is very usual injured ligament of our knee.
  • Meniscus (knee joint) experiences a tear in the hard cushions.
  • Fracture in the cap, lower section of the femur and upper sections of tibia and fibula. Irregular force such as falling on our knee, a brutal twisting movement, relentless force which leads to bending of our knee or when our knee vigorously hits any hard object.
  • Kneecap dislocation. It mainly occurs in thirteen to eighteen year old girls. Small pieces of bone or loose bodies (tissues) get caught and interfere with the movement of joint. This happens due to dislocation or a fracture.

Overuse Injuries

These types of injuries occur due to repetitive actions or extended pressure on our knee. Activities where we require a lot of support of the knee and the rear part of the thigh like stair climbing, jogging, riding bicycle results into irritation and swelling.

Causes of Overuse Injuries

  • Swelling of the small and tiny sacs of liquid that provides comfort to the knee joints.
  • Small tear in the tendinitis or swelling of the tendons
  • Thickening or the failure of knee ligaments
  • Pain and inflammation of fibrous tissues which runs down exterior part of the thigh.
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