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Treatments To Get Joint Pain Relief

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Joint pain is common in many individuals these days. The problem mainly occurs in the senior citizens who have crossed the age of 55 years. Human body is build up of 206 bones and 210 joints. A fluid substance known as synovial fluid is filled in between the joints.

How do joint pain occurs

As soon as the age of the person increases, the fluid in the joint starts vanishing, hence a person suffers extreme pain in the joints. Other factors causing joint pain are wrong postures and obesity. Patient suffers pain in knee, shoulder, foot, back, arms and ankles. Patients suffer from arthritis in extreme situations.

Medicines to provide joint pain relief

Herbal treatment as well as modern medicines is available to deal with joint pain and provide relief to the patients. Ayurvedic treatments are considered best as these show negligible side effects on the patient’s body.

Symptoms of the joint pain

Symptoms of joint pain include aching joints, severe joint tenderness, swelling, acute rheumatic fever, weight loss and many others. Ayurvedic medicines are designed with 100% natural herbs. Besides providing joint pain relief, these medicines also provide strength to the joints.

Ayurvedic medicines – benefits

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Medicines could be consumed by adults as well as children. Ayurvedic experts research well before bringing best in front of you. People prefer these medicines over others due to fast results. You need to consume the medicines as mentioned on the pack.

Apply ayurvedic oils for joint pain relief

Ayurvedic oils are also providing wonderful results to the patients. Oils are beneficial in removing stiffness and ache in joints. You need to apply oil two to three times a day. Major components of ayurvedic oils include errand, malkangi, nirgundi, jaiphal, nagarmotha, punarvana, khurasani, ajwain and many others.

Errand is added to provide joint pain relief in case of backaches, joint pains and muscle sprains. Nirgundi is an important ingredient used to remove swelling. You need to massage with oil at least twice a day.

Undoubtedly, yogic exercises are considered best to get immense joint pain relief from the disorder.

Vajrasana is a magical yogic exercise. Besides treating the joint, it helps in digestion. If you are suffering from knee joint pain, please do not perform this practice.

You need to sit on your knees. Bring your toes together and move your heels apart from each other. Keep your hands straight on your knees.

It is important to keep your spine straight if you want to get benefited from this asana. After remaining in this position for few minutes, lie on your back. Relax for about 10 minutes and repeat the whole procedure again.

Many individuals of age above 60 years are prevented from such disorders. The reason behind this is their continuous efforts to remain fit and healthy. If you have no time for yoga, you could perform physical activities to keep your joints flexible. If you are indulging in a desk job, generate a habit of changing your postures after a certain time interval.

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