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Ayurvedic Approach To Joint Pain Treatment

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Joint pain is the most common problem in this modern age. A lot is contributed from the present day restless lifestyle. It is needless to mention that lack of exercise and erratic eating habits lead to number of health problems, joint pain being the common of all. Thousands of research is being carried out by doctors and scientists for joint pain treatment.

Joint pain could be because of various reasons which may include

  • wear and tear of muscles in some accident
  • some bone diseases or viral infection
  • bacterial infection or rare type of tumors
  • inflammation in the joint
  • joint sprain or strain

There are many other reasons which may cause joint pain. Joint pain is commonly termed as arthritis. Most common symptom of arthritis is pain while walking or stiffness in the joints. In some cases symptoms can be redness of the skin with swelling and tenderness.

Joint pain treatment largely depends on the diagnosis. There are thousand types of medicines, oils and ointments that help to get relief from the joint pain. However, ancient medicines work wonders when we talk about joint pain.

Ayurvedic recommendations not only help us to understand the reasons of joint pain but also give some relief without any side affects. According to ayurdeda, digestion problem is the main cause of joint pain. Therefore the medicines for joint pain mostly address digestive system of our body.

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Food that is bitter in taste may help for those suffering from arthritis. According to ayurveda, constipation may also aggravate pain for those suffering from joint pain. Hence, food that is easy to digest should be consumed on a daily basis.

Over weight is another major cause of joint pain. Your entire body weight is on the joints which causes great pain. Weight loss management is one of the key points of joint pain treatment.

Some of the natural remedies to get relief from joint pain are as follows:

  • It is recommended to drink ginger tea at bed time since it works as a pain reliever for people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Turmeric and ginger are loaded with medicinal properties and may prove to be beneficial for inflammation in the joints
  • Oil massage on the affected joint may help to get relief from the pain
  • Fish oil supplements help to maintain protein levels in the body which is essential for joint pain
  • High protein diet like animal fat should be avoided as suggested Ayurveda
  • Stretching and regular exercises will help to reduce the joint pain
  • Warm bath also helps in pain reduction as it improves the blood circulation

Ashwagandha, Alfalfa and Bishop’s Seeds are some of the useful herbs that may help in reduction of joint pains. Dandelion and celery are other two important herbs that may also help to reduce joint pain.

If you are suffering from severe joint pain, it may be advisable to check with the doctor for the type of exercises you can perform. Exercising wildly may cause more damage to the tender tissues. It is advisable to consult physician for joint pain treatment. You may also like to see the constituents before purchasing any health supplement for joint pain.

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