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Treatment For Joint Pain To Lead A Pain Free Life

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Joint pain problem is common in this world. It should be regarded as a symptom and not disease. The aged persons are more prone to this pain finding it difficult to sit or stand for a long time. There are many types of joint pain which affect the structure of our joint, like, sprains, osteoarthritis, injury or fracture. And auto-immune diseases like, rheumatoid arthritis, Bursitis, gout, lupus etc. Therefore, treatment for joint pain is important as it hampers our day to day activity.

Causes and Symptoms of Joint Pain:

Many factors depend for getting joint pains. One of the main factors is that of the structure of our joints. As our joints are regarded as the shock absorber, each and every joint is cushioned with the help of cartilage with supported muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our day to day activity as well as old age, obesity, injury gives stress to these joints and the structures supporting the joints wear down, thus causing joint pain.

Any part of our body, like knee, back, shoulder, ankles, foot, arms can be affected by joint pain. The symptoms may include, aching joints, tenderness of joints, acute joint pain, moving the joints pain, acute rheumatic fever, swelling etc. As soon as you get these symptoms, it is the right time to see your physician and get treatment for joint pain.

Various Joint Pain Treatments

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Drugs: The first and the foremost treatment are prescribed pain killer tablets to ease the pain as it disturbs the patient mentally and physically. But these pain killers give temporary relief to the patient and have harmful side effects, like drowsiness, appetite change, fatigue and swings in mood. Prescribed natural treatment can give relief with or without few side effects.

Natural Treatment: The Devil’s Claw plant has high content of anti-inflammatory composite which works naturally and give relief to the patient. Natural oils can also be used for the treatment of joint pain and are quite effective. Treatments like acupuncture are more popular among people who want safe and effective pain relief. Apart from this, drinking herbal tea, diet change and knowing your allergic food can be helpful in joint pain relief.

Natural supplement like flax seeds in liquid or ground form can give benefit in joint pain and its high nutrition content gives body energy. The oil of flax seed has the power to reduce the cholesterol in a natural way.

Daily Diet: Diets having high glucosamine content, fruits and green vegetables helps in keeping your joints free from pain. People who do not take sufficient diet can take vitamin supplements. Inflammation can start with age, diet conditions, stress or other factors which hardens the membranes of the cell. Studies have also shown that protein rich diets are important for healthy joints. Therefore a healthy diet, fresh vegetables and fruits are always recommended by dieticians all over the world.

Exercise and Joint Pain: Regular exercise can help in the treatment of joint pain as research has shown that exercises specially for paining joints give relief to them. Mild exercises such as swimming, stretching exercises, waling, and light aerobics can help in reducing stiffness and pain in joints. It also increases the flexibility of muscles toning them giving strength to the joint muscles, improves blood flow and checks weight gain giving joint pain relief.

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