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Restoration Of Cartilage With Joint Pain Treatment

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Cartilage is one of the most common topics of discussion for doctors when it comes to patients suffering from osteoarthritis. It is mostly related to either cartilage loss or damage. However, understanding the real cause of the cartilage damage may help the doctor to treat joint pains in a better way.

Cartilage is basically a matrix of tissues that provides cushioning and support to the joints. It is usually very flexible and not supported by blood vessels. There are different types of cartilage that supports smooth joint movement. Elastic cartilage, hyaline cartilage and fibrocartilage are three types of cartilage that we may need to understand for joint pain treatment.

Hyaline cartilage is commonly referred as articular cartilage. Joints have articular cartilage which is very elastic and flexible. However, when this cartilage gets dried up, mostly in old age, problems like arthritis and osteoarthritis crop up. Articular cartilage is also present in airtube.

Part of nose and some parts of ears have elastic cartilage. Being the most organized structure, cartilage mostly consists of collagen, non-collagenous proteins and proteoglycans. Damage to cartilage basically creates a lot of joint pain. Cartilage damage can be due to various reasons.

Wear and tear of cartilage can be due to various reasons that mainly include sports or some accident. Being considered as a shock absorber, restoration of cartilage is possible nowadays. There are improved surgeries and medical methods that help to restore cartilage. In fact, cartilage restoration has become an essential part of joint pain treatment.

Restoration of cartilage means re-growth. The most common of all procedures is Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation. This procedure involves two steps of which one involves removal of cartilage. The second step involves planting of the harvested cartilage in the affected areas. Fibrin glue is used in the defective areas to sew the new tissues in the affected areas.

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The second procedure involves transplantation from a donor. Healthy cartilage is transplanted to the patient having defective cartilage. There are two types of tissues that are grafted and replaced in the defective area. One is engineered while the other is natural. One single surgical step is involved in this kind of joint pain treatment.

Other restoration procedure also includes osteochondral autograft. Hyaline cartilage from the patient’s body is harvested and used in the defective areas of articular cartilage. Doctors may perform an open surgery in case of osteochondral autograft.

Microfracture is also a type of cartilage restoration method that is performed anthroscopically. Basically in this process, multiple holes are made in the subchondral bone which allows the blood to reach the damaged cartilage. It promotes growth of healthy cartilage.

Sometimes it is the joint replacement method that helps a person to get back healthy cartilage. Knee injuries are mostly treated with osteochondral grafting procedure. This smooth and shiny part inside human body is extremely essential for proper movement of the bones. Hence, joint pain treatment with the latest technique may help

Consulting a doctor for joint pain is extremely important. You never know that the pain could be due to cartilage wear and tear. Restoration techniques can help to regain cartilage in the joints making it easier for the bone movement.

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