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Types Of Joint Pain And Its Various Treatments

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Joint pain is a problem with the soreness in the joint area of the human body. Joints are basically areas or junction of two bones, like, shoulder, knee, elbow or ankle, places where the bones meet. The pain at the joint area can be serious and can cause so much discomfort that even the movement of the joint can cause inflammation, pain and stiffness.

Human joints are made up of soft bones, cartilages, ligaments, synovial membrane and fluid and tendons. Due to end number of reasons the bone joint may inflame or cause pain. In such a situation consult your medical practitioner for joint pain treatments. Also try and consult as early as possible to avoid causing it more serious and chronic.

What causes such joint pain?

Sometimes due to traumatic injuries or sudden accident or infections and due to age, such joint pain gives trouble. The intensity of pain varies from age to age and also due to the kind of pain. Thus whatever may be the condition of the pain do take medical help for joint pain treatments.

The joint pain may cause various problems and also include some traumatic injuries like, joint separation, joint dislocation, ligament sprain, sports injury, overuse injury, cartilage injury and etc. some other problems or infections which provokes joint pain are, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, septic, arthritis or hepatitis.

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Types of joint pain treatments

In order to treat such pain, first the root cause of the pain has to be identified. Once the reason is identified then based on that the medication is advised. Joint pain treatments generally includes application of pain killer medicines commonly known as steroidal drugs that helps in controlling and curing the inflammation.

People also can take help from natural herbs since joint pain can be only reduced and in most cases there is no permanent cure for it. Hence aged patient can depend on natural therapies as drugs like steroids have a harmful effect on the health if consumed on regular basis. Along with herbal drugs the patient must follow a healthy diet chart. His daily diet should include lot of minerals. He must exercise regularly to maintain proper muscle movement.

Ideas for home based joint treatments;

  • Use camphor to make an ointment. Add one teaspoon of camphor and one teaspoon of sunflower oil. Then mix it together and massage on the joint.
  • Use ginger root on the affected area, especially in the inflamed area as it helps in relaxing the pain and moderates the inflammation.
  • Also you can use turmeric powder as it has healing power. Mix the powder in a glass of hot milk. This mixture reduces pain and also treats infection if any.
  • You can also apply the rumatone gold oil or consume capsule directly. Massage the joint area with the oil to get quick relief from pain. The capsules are also harmless and can be consumed on regular basis.
  • You can also apply apple cider vinegar on the joint and massage before sleeping. Mix it with honey and water and drink everyday for best result.
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