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Shoulder Joint Pain – Causes And Their Relief

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Shoulder joint pain is a common complain and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis of the causes and each symptom should be taken seriously.

There are two shoulder joints. One is the AC joint and the other is called Glenohumeral joint, which could be impacted by arthritis. The motion of your shoulder joint is quite complex, making its replacement surgery complicated than knees or hips.

Shoulder being the most mobile joint, humans tends to use it more often than they actually know. It has four tendons holds your muscle to the bones. All these four “rotation cuff” tendons steady your upper arm bones to the sockets of your shoulder, and allow all kinds of motions in your limb.

The common causes of shoulder joint pain.

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis Or Bursitis.
  • Rotator cuff tears.
  • Frozen shoulder.
  • Calcific tendonitis.
  • Shoulder instability.
  • Shoulder dislocation.
  • Labral tear.
  • Slap lesion.
  • Shoulder arthritis.
  • Biceps tendon rupture.

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Treatment In Case Of Emergency - A treatment is entirely suggested on the causes of this problem. Different causes have a specific type of remedy. For the accurate treatment, it is of great importance that you know the exact reason behind the problem. Before proceeding with any treatment, it is important to understand the causes of the symptoms. In case you are not sure about the severity of the injury or diagnosis, then you should look for medical advice before commencing any treatment. Price is the most effective treatment in emergency situation of shoulder joint pain. Price means Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Protection – Guard the shoulders to avoid further damage.

Rest – Stop or reduce using the injured part for 48 hours.

Ice – Apply an ice pack on the wounded body part for 20minutes. About 4-8 times every day, use a ice bag, cold pack, or a plastic bag stuffed with finely crushed ice, which is enveloped in a towel.

Compression – Compress the wounded portion of your body with bandages like an elastic wrap, to stabilize your shoulder.

Elevation – Keep the injured body part elevated a little above the heart level by using a pillow.

Natural Remedies For Shoulder Joint Pain – Natural remedies may include various options such as medication, home care and exercise. Physical therapy is a foremost treatment, which is recommended in case of shoulder joint pain. A physiotherapist will recommend certain exercises that target the weakened shoulder and work on the muscles, tendons and joint making them stronger and more flexible.

Need Of Doctor’s Consultation – When you are unable to carry objects or use the arm, you should immediately contact your doctor. Any injury can cause deformity of the joint. Shoulder pains at night while sleeping should be taken seriously. When you see any sign of infection, including redness, fever, warmth, it is a must that you call for experts help.

According to the official sources, the shoulder joint pain has is on the rise since 1998. In 2005, more than 13 million people required medical care for their shoulder pain, out of which approximately 34% were merely injuries.

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