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Effective Joint Pain Treatments For Quick Relief

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Joint pain creates a feeling of discomfort in your body. The most common causes for joint pain or body aches are stress, strains, osteoarthritis, infections, diseases and injuries .The symptoms of pain in joints include swelling, fever and redness in the affected area. However, there is nothing to worry, as a number of joint pain treatments are available. A few of the joint pain relief remedies are as mentioned below:

Advanced treatments for joint pain: This includes laser treatments, joint replacements, injections, physical therapy, surgery and consumption of medicines consisting of drugs like NSAID’s, aspirin and naproxen which are pain relievers.

The NSAID’s relieves you from pain. However, there are a few medicines that contain Celebrex, which may cause heart attack. There are certain side effects to NSAID’s too. Regularly taking injections can also cause infections. Therefore, it is suggested that you carefully choose the injections and medicines, which do not harm you body in anyway.

Joint replacement: This is done when the joints are too damaged, painful and cannot be cured with any other treatments.

Heat: You could use heat packs on the swollen area, as it relaxes the muscles and relieves you from the pain in your joints.

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Physical therapy: Physiotherapy is usually prescribed to people who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis. This therapy includes massages and all the other related exercises.

Ayurvedic treatments: Mix lemon juice and carrot juice in equal ratio and have a tablespoon of this mixture daily, as it relieves you from pain and purifies your blood. Mix olive oil and kerosene in 2:1 ratio and apply it on the swollen part of your body. It will certainly relieve you of all the joint pains. This is one of the best joint pain treatments, as it does not have any side effects.

Herbal treatments: Take the root of the burdock and allow it to dry under the sun. Once dried, crush it to make powder. Take 2 tablespoon of this finely crushed powder everyday for fast pain relief. Include the flax seeds oil in your regular diet for reducing the pain. You could also add a small pinch of turmeric in your daily food.

Home treatments: This is the easiest one among the other joint pain treatments. Such remedies involve taking adequate rest. Besides, you could also apply ice cubes to the swollen part as it reduces the pain. You could develop a habit of having either cold or hot water bath daily.

Homeopathetic treatments: This treatment includes homeopathy medicines or creams consisting of Ignatia, Menthol, Rhustox, Naja, and magnesium sulphate.

Alternative treatments: This treatment includes doing meditation, having ginger chicken soup, hydro therapy, massage, having zinc supplements or food rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, Magnesium ,Calcium. Have beans, sea foods, nuts, leafy vegetables, milk, cod, egg yolk and oats as they result in healthy joints. Besides, certain vitamin D supplements are useful to maintain your joints healthy.

In take of panoal, Ibuprin, Cortosteroids, Paracetamol, Colchicine, Indo methacin, Ibuprofen, Metho trexate, Bromcriptine are some of the temporary joint pain treatments.

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