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Joint Pain Treatments For Your Valuable Life

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Several conditions lead to joint pains like Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, strains, injuries and sprains. Joint pains are more frequently found in adult citizens. Joint pain may affect any of your body parts.

The joint pain treatments include advanced treatments, herbal treatments, ayurvedic treatments and homemade treatments.

Advanced treatments:

This involves in laser treatments, joint replacements, physical therapy, surgery and injections. The medicines consisting of drugs like NSAID’S are used as pain relievers. Supplements for joint pain relief are also included in these joint pain treatments.

This treatment includes hot and cold therapy, in which hot packs and cold packs are used on the swollen part. This effectively reduces your joint pains. The physical therapy involves in massage with mineral rich oils and, joint replacement is preferred when the bones are too damaged.

Ayurvedic treatment:

This treatment involves in providing the essential vitamins and nutrients to your body which relieves you from pain without side effects. You could massage the mixture of olive oil and kerosene on the affected part, as this relieves you from pain. You could also use eucalyptus oil for the massage on the swollen part.

You could also use the mixture of camphor, eucalyptus oil and menthol for the massage on the affected part. Beside’s you could use Thriphala churna, which is the best remedy that can cure, any health problem. It removes the toxins from your body, which is the main cause of joint pains.

Herbal treatment:

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You could use the herb ‘alfalfa’ which works very effectively, on joint pains. You could take alfalfa herb in the form of tea which is rich in inflammatory properties. You could also prefer Ashwagandha which is known as winter cherry, as this helps you out in relieving from pain. The sap of the banyan is very much useful for treating the joint pain.

You could massage Bishop’s weed oil on the affected area as this relieves you from pain. Beside’s you could also use celery for treating joint pain as well as, Gout. You could use the herb Dandelion which is rich in magnesium as intake. This strengthens your bones.

Homemade treatments:

You could have bath with hot water, if you are suffering with joint pains.

You could rub with warm vinegar on the swollen part, for pain relief. You could intake peppermint which is the best pain reliever. You could also mix honey and apple cider vinegar and have it daily. This removes the toxins from your body.

You could mix turmeric powder in warm milk and have daily. This cures all your body pains. You could have fried garlic cloves daily which relieves you from pain.


The diet includes, you could have carrot juice in the morning as well as in the evening. You could have calcium rich food like milk and its products. You could also have fruits like oranges, lemon and amla. You could have Oats daily which removes the toxins from your body.

Beside’s you could have green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants for pain relief.

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